Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer lists-reading

hey its coco and with a lot of people starting summer here's a little of what i'm doing. so i spent a ton of my mama's money. and by that i mean like $15 on a couple books this last weekend at half price books. the books i got our my summer reading for these up coming months. like any intelligent girl with limited time i intend to make my reading time count. so i got books that i think i can apply to my life.

the first book i got "he's just not that into you" which i have made my read while i tan book and to say its amazing is an understatement. its witty and truthful. boy i could have saved a lot of heartache reading this earlier! i haven't finished it yet, but let me inform you a little bit about what it is about.

the book focuses on a man's perspective of all the excuses that women use to say that a man is interested in them, but not dating/getting into a relationship with a woman. its very VERY funny. i highly encourage all girls, women, females, and heck maybe even some males to read it!

the second book i got is "act like a lady, think like a man" which i haven't started reading, but i love the guy who wrote it (steve harvey)! he was very funny when i saw him on jimmy fallon the other night (you can watch the interview here) plus it was recently made a movie (ironic since so was he's just not into you)... anyways i'll review that one when i finally get to reading it! however i think i'll probably like it since one of my mottos in life is "i never said i was a lady, just a woman".

the last book i got was "fashion inside out" by daniel vosovic. some of you know daniel vosovic from project runway: season 2 (he was the runner-up i think... he was at least top three and ahh i loved him). this i don't think is being made a movie, however, the author was on a reality tv show so i think that kind of counts? haha and from what i saw when i looked through it, it looks really informative. it takes the reader from inspiration to sketches to samples to runway to getting the collection bought by the fashion buyers. plus theres this weird fuzzy texture on the cover so i kind of had to get it!

add in my massive amount of issues of elle, harpers bazar, etc. that i haven't even opened yet, and i have lots (LOTS) to read this summer.

anyways what are you guys reading this summer? got any good suggestions? post 'em in the comments! i do need some other books to read to add on to my list :)

have a good day and happy reading!\


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  1. Um He's Just Not That into You!! Y-E-S! That whole series is amazing, and a nice easy read that keeps you wanting more! Great choice!