Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Bit of Inspiration

Hey everyone! It's Sharry! I just wanted to share with you guys a bit about my style inspirations. (Coco will be doing a post like this eventually also)

Being in high school, having a personal style is very important. But finding that certain style can be very hard. I believe the key to finding your personal style is to find something you yourself are comfortable with and not necessarily what your friends think you should wear. In other words: Truly.Be.Yourself.

For me, I love piecing together an outfit that combines classy and creative together. Also, I love inventing new things out of old ones. A perfect example of this would be this outfit of mine. I bought the blazer at a really cheap price from a thrift store and made it my own by putting buttons on it.
I also get a lot of inspiration from different people. Taking their style and twisting it to make it my own. Here are some people whose style I absolutely adore!
There you have it :) A little touch of my personal style! 
So how about you guys? Tell us about you personal style and who inspires you! We'd love to know :)
Have a great day everyone!
<3 Sharry

Friday, April 13, 2012

The True Fiasco

Welcome to true fiasco. if you're confused about the name let me (coco) explain. true fiasco is taken from the quote, "No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy"from the movie Elizabethtown, and well we have decided to be anything but adequate... even if it means starting a true fiasco. 

oh hello there random people looking at my face!? i'm colleen... the blondie to the right. sharry calls me coco. its sort of a thing. i got the name not just cause the first two letters of my name are "co" but also because i love fashion and designing so she calls me that after coco chanel. but this blog thing, well i guess it was technically my idea, but sharry took the lead, making it all official with actual stuff on it, like fashion, beauty, relationship stuff, etc. i thought we were blogging our journey from small town indiana to LA. my goal is to get to LA and go to FIDM and work as a costumer for tv shows and movies. i love costume design just because i love makeup, hair, styling, and getting to incorporate history into clothes, like hippies, pin-up girls. all that stuff. 

sharshar and i are going to live in LA together. or at least thats the dream. we are gonna share a super tiny apartment and be roomies. it will be amazing. you are probably sick of my vain moments of self description, plus im really bad at it, so you will probably get to know me better through other random posts instead of me trying to explain myself all at once. 

and here comes sharbear....

hey guys! my name's sharmaine but you can call me sharry! you may know me by my personal blog Under Peach Trees and you may not...but ya know (you can always check that out later) :) like coco said, the two of us are starting this blog and filling it with amazingness! hopefully this blog will help us make it to our dream place in LA for college. she's planning on going to FIDM and I'm planning on going to UCLA for photo journalism, telecom and acting/musical theatre. not sure what exactly i'll be doing in the future but something along the lines of those interests! you'll learn more about me throughout the posts :)

so now about the two of us together...

the two of us met first semester honors english. not exactly sure how we became really good friends. we sat next to each other, somehow started talking and now we're besties! :D when you have big dreams it's a lot easier to have a friend standing next to you along the way!