Friday, May 4, 2012

a little combination

 hey everyone. its coco. so my fashion style is defiantly similar but not the same as sharry's! if it had to be put into very few words, i would say comfy. cute. i like to dress how i feel. so some days im in a dress, cardigan, with a belt. but other times i feel the need to wear only sweats and a tank top. all my images are taken from mystyleblend board on pinterest so none of them are really me, but its all my favorite stuff!

this outfit is always in my head...  now i want itbut my favorite outfit would have to be anything with a maxi skirt. i love my black maxi skirt. my style is for sure boho-but still sometimes a blazer or dress. i rock mine with lots of stuff, but usually a cropped shirt like a v-neck white shirt.

Head ScarvesMaxi is really just my obsession, but another obsession is hair. i love these scarfs like this... (to the left) 

to get what patterns i like think these basic three words.
...zig-zag, feather, lace.... 

i really like the more normal-boho look. although honestly i'm usually in a t-shirt and shorts! 

heres a picture overload of what i love! hope you enjoy. i'll be posting about my makeup obsessions very soon! love. coco

very cute!! Wish i had that belly to go with it :)

Aztec Peep Toe Wedgesi love this back. so pretty, so detailed. i love it love
if i could walk in this shoe, i would wear it everyday of my lifelace shorts
my style :) now if only i owned it

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  1. aaahh love the beige wedges and chrochet shorts so much