Wednesday, May 30, 2012

help wanted? summer proof makeup

hey its coco. so question to all of you readers- whether you check our blog and follow us or if you are just stopping by for a moment. as some of the previous posts have sad i LOVE-ADORE(-and many other synonyms) makeup.

 i'm going to be working outside this summer being a lifeguard/swim instuctor most likely so i'm interested in what you guys consider the best WATERPROOF or SWEATPROOF makeup?? being in the sun all day is going to be challenge enough since i burn super (super) easily...

luckily i have some ideas of how to get a tan instead (see our previous post "getting golden this summer") but i have no idea what to wear makeup wise in order to look good while sweating and being in the water.

if you have any ideas of what i can invest in (thats cheap) and summer-proof i'd love to hear it!
post any ideas in the comments sections. plus if you have anything you'd like us to post on leave it in the comments. i don't mind investigating and experimenting if you guys have questions about makeup, tanning, books, music etc.

thanks everyone. have a splendid day.

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  1. The Skin79 BB Cream offers great coverage with SPF, it's available on Amazon. I also love Revlon's ColorStay Lipstains, and Neutrogena's healthy volume waterproof mascara (light blue tube). They don't kid when they say water proof, that only thing that takes it off is makeup remover.

    xoxo, griff